Friday, October 24, 2014

Product Review: CocoBurg Raw Coconut Jerky

Here is my first product review, and I have to tell you that I kind wanted to start doing reviews because I was excited about this product before I even tried it! Where I live finding young coconuts isn't easy. The one store I know of that consistently has young coconuts is 30 minutes away, gets robbed quite frequently, and the coconuts have to be checked over VERY well for mold. So while in theory I could drive an hour round trip, buy my own coconuts, hack them open, and dehydrate them for hours, it is actually worth the $4.99 per 1 oz. package (or $7.99 for 2 oz. package) to save me the trouble. In the world of raw food items, this is actually pretty damn affordable.

I got to try all three flavors: Original, Ginger Teriyaki, and Chili Lime. I was fully expecting my favorite to be either Ginger Teriyaki or Chili Lime because I love flavors... bright, exciting, saturated flavors. While all three were great I was surprised that Original was actually my favorite. Original usually communicates "plain" or "boring" to my brain, but CocoBurg's Original is peppery goodness. As close to a steak as a raw foodist can get. I portioned out my bag carefully so that I wouldn't eat it all, but my husband came along and finished it off. I sprinkled a bit of the Chili Lime on a raw stir-fry I made (topping on salads would also be a good idea), which gave it an extra kick. This one is spicy though, so be warned! Luckily I love heat.

All of the ingredients used are organic and dehydrated at 115 degrees. CocoBurg is a great alternative to buying highly-processed treats. The flavoring is spot on. Whether you are eating raw, gluten-free, soy-free, paleo, vegan or vegetarian, this product meets your standards. In fact, my only complaint about their products are that they are already gone now and I need to get more!

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