Tuesday, October 21, 2014

5 Fast, Easy, Simple Raw Snacks

Sometimes after a long day, but between meal times, we slump on the couch completely exhausted and just need some small treat to satisfy us. Or maybe we are running out the door and don't have time to bother with dishes, let alone dehydrators, food processors, spice grinders, spiralizers, mandolins, and the like. So here are 5 simple snacks (all 5 ingredients or less), to keep you going on your path, aside from the obvious choice of just grabbing a piece of fruit (which is also an excellent option!)

-Cucumber slices, mashed avocado, paprika, and salt.

-Apple slices, sunflower seed butter, sweetener of choice (honey/ agave/ maple syrup/ coconut nectar), and salt.

-Almond milk, chia seeds, sliced banana, and cacao nibs.

-Tomato slices, chopped onion, greens of choice (basil/ dandelion/ arugula/ spinach), olive oil, and salt.

-Massaged kale, olive oil, coconut aminos, chopped bell pepper, and salt.

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