Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Newly Released Health Food Information is a Game Changer

Alright guys, let me be the first to admit that I have been COMPLETELY WRONG! Apparently, there has been a release of new scientific research which has discovered that through a very specific chemical bonding procedure the oil used by most fast food establishments makes the nutrients in our food more bio-available. Due to the length of time most vegetable and canola oils stay stagnant (generally speaking changed about twice a week) it actually begins a fermentation process which turns starchy potatoes and ground beef into super foods.

The FDA had commented that they have been aware of the oil's bonding benefits, which is why they have teamed up with big businesses across the country to make sure Americans are getting their optimal intake of nutrition. Senior authorities from the FDA have stated that their motivations in supporting large scale fast food corporations, as well as the meat industry in general, have always been to focus on the good of mankind.

In related news, additional research has shown that animals are incapable of feeling pain. The specific nerve endings which trigger the pain response in humans have been found not to exist in mammals, birds, and fish. In fact, there may be a closer correlation in animals, under times of physical harm, to experiences within the pleasure center.

Some old school zealots are clinging to the idea that beef farming creates large amounts of waste, uses up large amounts of water, and creates a higher amount of pollution. But further research shows that feeding the cows oil-rich burgers causes them to emit high oxygen gas, which keeps our air clean and densely fertilizes the soil. 

So in short, all scientific research seems to point out that high protein foods rich in cultured and un-rotated oils are best not only for the individual, but for the planet as well! Eat up and enjoy!

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