Wednesday, April 29, 2015

5-Ingredient Raw Vegan Almond Butter Balls

It has been a rough week to be a Marylander. There has been a lot to take in and try to process. My thoughts have been pretty consumed and I haven't had much time to or focus to dedicate to posting.

One thing I wanted to mention, in relation to the raw foods movement, is that I have been encouraged by how diverse this community is. Health is an aspiration which crosses over all categorizations. Easily people can get sucked in to what things are and the way things are, but within the raw foods movement I have felt inspired by the dedication of its participants to rise above and take ownership of their own well-being. I have seen people from varying ethnic, racial, religious, and economical backgrounds embracing dietary changes, as well as mental perspectives and global awareness, to improve the quality of their lives.

That being said, there are communities which are not able to access this information as easily as we can. There are food deserts within cities where local food marts offer mainly soda, sticky buns, and cigarillos. Transportation may be costly and money may be scarce, but worse is that aspirations are low. It is harder in these communities to succeed. Many have tried and failed and become discouraged to continue to try.

I am not bringing this information to a food blog to be negative. My intentions are just the opposite. Be supportive of the individuals who are working to improve their communities, even if it is not your community. This may require stepping outside of your comfort zone. It will likely mean going somewhere you are unsure of or being the only person in a location who looks the way you do. Improvement is universal, but guidance, inspiration, and love help it spread.

Here is a quick treat made from only 5 ingredients. May it bring a little sweetness to those who could use some right now.

1 cup almond meal (leftover from making almond milk, or else you can use 1 cup soaked almonds)
6 dates, pitted
1 cup nut butter (I used sunflower seed butter)
1 tablespoon maca powder (optional for health benefits)
1 teaspoon vanilla

Put all ingredients in a food processor and blend until smooth, stopping to scrape the sides on the food processor and blend again as needed. Once desired consistency is reached, spoon out portions and roll into ball shapes. If desired, dust additional maca on plate and roll balls in it until coated. Enjoy. 

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