Thursday, July 17, 2014

Strawberry-Ginger "Wine" Kombucha

I used to be quite the drinker, and it got me into quite a bit of trouble. Now I can't remember the last time I had alcohol. I don't miss what it did to my behavior or my relationships, but honestly I do miss the taste sometimes. I also have had a juicer phobia. I usually leave the juicing and kombucha making to my husband, and I take care of the food. Yesterday, though, I came home with bags full of fruit and felt inspired. So this is a short recipe, if you can call it that, but a pleasant one. I am not going to go into the kombucha making process... there are many people on the internet that already have, and have done it far better than I could! Here is a link to one that I just saw today on the Free People blog:

1 cup juiced red grapes (stems included)
1 cup juiced strawberries (tops included)
1 small piece of ginger, juiced
1 cup of homemade kombucha (if you don't make your own, you can used store-bought, but really it is so much cheaper and more delicious when you make your own at home!)


  1. where do I find kombucha,do they have it at Walmart?

  2. I brewed my own, but you can buy it at most natural food stores. Here are a couple of brands I like:

    ...or you can get a starter kit! It sounds like a more daunting process than it actually is. Here is a place to get a starter kit: