Wednesday, December 3, 2014

What a Raw Vegan Needs to Be Healthy

Every diet has specific areas that need focus. While I have felt the benefits of going raw, I do recognize that I need to be aware of what my body needs. Supplements are always helpful, but your diet should incorporate these elements as well. Since I love top 5 lists, here are my top 5 areas of focus that can easily be neglected in a raw vegan diet.

1. Protein- While people LOVE to exaggerate how much protein you need it is still important! Luckily there are plenty of sources of protein in the raw vegan diet, as long as you are not neglectful. Nuts, seeds, sprouted legumes, and many vegetables are packed with protein. My favorite source, which I get into my vegetarian son, is green peas! Most people are not even aware that peas have protein!

2. B12- This one is easy for me, because I LOVE nutritional yeast! I know, how appealing can something called yeast be? But this terrific product is the best cheese flavor substitute, and also works in soups and sauces the way broth would.

3. Omega 3- Why do all these health enthusiasts push flax, chia, and hemp seeds? Because these are the places you get your Omega 3s! Hemp isn't as high in Omega 3 as chia and flax, but all three are pretty much essential to any raw bread, cookie, or cracker I have ever made!

4. Iron- I don't know if it is just me, but I know when I need more iron. My body craves it. Luckily it can be found in more than just meat. Dark leafy greens, broccoli, fennel, seeds, and nuts are all good sources.

5. Vitamin D- Good news! The best raw vegan source of vitamin D is absolutely FREE! Sunlight! Go for a walk, get out of the house! Making sure you have this covered also helps you get a little exercise. If you live on the East Coast like I do though, you may want to supplement... especially during the grey, cold winters.

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