Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Christmas Wants From a Raw Foodie

This year my family has been purging quite a bit (if you are curious about this, go check out my records for sale at ebay.com/usr/mandymod or my vintage items at etsy.com/shop/WayfairingStranger), so the holidays can seem a little overwhelming. We don't need tons of things and we don't have tons of money to get things for other people (and my husband's side of the family is HUGE!) I thought I would highlight this list of some items that I actually would like, as well as some that any raw food enthusiast would enjoy. I also included some ideas of what to give when money is tight!


1. A Coco Jack. If you get heavily into raw foods, and are lucky enough to live near somewhere that sells them, chances are you are going to buy a TON of coconuts! They are the magical raw vegan food, perfect for smoothies, pies, custards, jerky, creams, and other possibilities I haven't even gotten to fully explore yet! The problem is, how do you get all the good meat out without chopping off a finger, throwing the coconut through the wall in frustration, or breaking the kitchen disposal with a misplaced wood chip? (Luckily I have only done number 3, but the other 2 could happen any day..) If I had a Coco Jack, all these troubles could be over! Check out their website to see how it works! http://www.coco-jack.com/

2. Matcha Powder. Okay, so matcha is high in antioxidants. It detoxifies. It calms. It enhances mood. It is high in fiber. It boosts metabolism. And it is a really pretty shade of green that goes great in raw desserts. It isn't cheap, so I keep putting off buying it. http://www.matchasource.com/buy-matcha-tea-s/1.htm

3. Membership to "The Rawtarian's Kitchen". This has got to be one of the hardest working lady's in the raw food movement. And you can have access to her ebooks for just $4.99 for the first month till November 17th! That is a pretty amazing deal! http://www.therawtarian.com/store/membership#welcome

4. Enrollment in Matthew Kenney's Online Plant-Based Culinary Education. This man is the gourmet guru of raw food. Pure genius. Every plate he puts out makes me excited, not only by thinking about the flavors, but thinking that human beings might actually be evolving. I have no idea what his courses cost, but I am sure they are worth it. http://www.matthewkenneycuisine.com/education/online

5. Cooking Molds. Really, I have discovered through this process that there are never enough molds. I need small quirky shapes for chocolates. I need medium spring-form ones for cheeses. I need large spring-form ones for pies. Not to mention flavored ice cubes, popsicles, patties, and cookie shapes for the dehydrator. I need them all! And even if I don't, I can always pass the unused ones on to my husband for making orgonite.


-kombucha starter kits
-nut milk bags
-sprouting jars
-spice grinders
-julienne peelers
-high-speed blenders
-food processors


1. Homemade Teas. I harvested the last of our herbs of the season, and dehydrated everything. We had a LOT of lemon balm and a fair amount of mint. I found an etsy shop that sells organic cloth tea bags in bulk and wa-la! Add a few special flavorings to make it special and you are done! I added some rosehips and rose petals to one batch and nasturtium and dandelion to another. (I mean, dandelion is free, people!)

2. Homemade Salt Mixes. I also dried rosemary, parsley, basil, sage, dill, and oregano. Since we have been getting a good deal on pink Himalayan salt in bulk, I just added the herbs to some of this! The hardest part here was finding the containers! Use a spice grinder in you want a finer texture.

3. Raw Cookies and Truffles. There are a million recipes for this stuff out there, and if you find a good one it won't matter whether the person eating it is a raw food enthusiast or not. Everyone love treats!

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