Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Abundance and Origins: A Thanksgiving Challenge

Thanksgiving, followed by Black Friday, is a time when Americans shamelessly do what we do best: CONSUME. My challenge for everyone this holiday is to pause, think constructively, and formulate an educated decision that you are peace with before making your purchases. This is something I have been working on and improving upon myself. The goal of this exercise is not to shame or overwhelm. Instead you should be working towards self-actualization and self-improvement. Small changes may not change the world, but they may act as a spark to light bigger fires. Here are some questions to consider before you buy.

For Food:

Where were these fruits/ vegetables grown?
What chemicals may have been used?
Were these fruits/ vegetables genetically modified?
How will consumption of this product affect my health?
How will consumption of this product affect my family's health?
Do I know what all of the ingredients in this product are?
Were the farmers that brought me this product compensated fairly?
What was the impact of growing/ harvesting this product on the environment?
Would I have been able to slaughter this animal myself?
How was this animal treated while it was alive?
What was this animal feed?

For Gifts:

Where was this product made?
Who made this product?
Was the person who made this product compensated fairly?
Why do I need it?
Can I make this product myself?
Will this product last?
How has the production of this product impacted the environment?
How were the materials for this product obtained?
Is the person selling me this product being fairly treated/ compensated?
Do I know of any crafts-person/ artist who could make something similar for not much more money?

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