Thursday, February 20, 2014

Making Cleaning Less Painful

In the process of simplifying my life, a lot of dirt has been kicked around. I have also been sick with the flu that my son so generously shared with me, so cleaning has become a priority. But the last thing I want to do in this process is surround myself with a bunch of chemicals. So, in interest of our health, saving money, and making cleaning a bit more of a pleasant experience, I have been making my own cleaners! I don't even like saying that in all fairness, because it is so easy, I don't even consider it making much of anything!

Never under estimate the power of white vinegar. The stuff works magic in the kitchen, in the bathroom, counters. But on its own it is a bit boring and may smell a bit funny to some people, so this is where the creative part comes in. Save all your citrus peels. Every time you use an orange, grapefruit or lemon store the peel in a medium-sized mason jar filled with white vinegar. You could add ginger, dried rosemary, or tea tree oil as well. Allow this to sit for about a day or more. Strain the liquid and place in a spray bottle. Dilute with water, because on its own it will be very strong.

It is amazing how instead of holding your breath while cleaning, the cleaning process changes into something aromatically pleasing. And due to its high level of acidity white vinegar is proven to kill high percentages mold, germs, and bacteria. You also aren't washing chemicals down the drain or outside where they seep into our water sources. In bigger deep scrubbing jobs like the bath tub you can spray your solution over baking soda. I haven't bought any other cleaners in months now, and I doubt you would know it by looking at my house. Of course very few of us enjoy cleaning, but if we can take intelligent and conscious steps to better our methods we will reap the rewards.

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