Thursday, February 27, 2014

A New Song

Another difficult step I have been taking in the process of simplifying my life has been to start selling off some of my records. Sometimes this is exciting and profitable. Other times I list things and want to scream, "Hey! Don't you realize this is good stuff!!!" But really what to sell is the biggest challenge.

I don't think I am ready to get rid of everything in one swoop. I also still am aware of the value of some of these records and have difficulty taking a fraction of their worth. And then there are the records of very little monetary value that have music that warms my heart.

But I also see a ship which has the potential to sail if it where only to remove its anchor. Possibilities of ways I might be able to live, of how my family may be able to live, without being controlled by the dominating presence of objects. We could relocate, live ungrounded or off the grid... live off the land. And these objects are trying to hold me back.

Still, as I sell these off slowly, piece by piece, I relive my experiences with each song. Instead of clinging to that nostalgia, I want to pass this energy along to a new owner, who may appreciate the gift. Each record has lead me to a new record, as each person a new person. It is growth a process of growth and development. And stepping into married life, with a son who needs strong parents and real guidance, I know who I am now. And I am ready to pass the experience on...

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