Thursday, January 29, 2015

Parallels of Healing Spiritually and Physically

I never fully addressed the traumas I have lived through as I was living them out. I think it is a common human coping mechanism to take disturbing situations and become numb to them, just so you can survive. The trouble is that a lot of the time we never heal from these traumas appropriately. By continuing to ignore that thing a person did to us, that thing we saw, or that thing we did to another person, we are planting a seed of apathy that will only continue to grow. Along with the apathy we develop tolerance for that which ought to be intolerable. We think it is acceptable that these traumas occurred because no one around us is making a fuss about it, usually because they have developed a hard, calloused denial of their own. But one day, after pulling away from that willful complacency, we begin to see things through our own eyes. It is difficult not to become enveloped with vengeance or spite, but the truth is we need that energy more to nurture our own wounded spirits back to health. When we do, we come away with the truth that these things which we allowed to occur were not okay. We embrace that which is right and set our path towards a better future.

As odd as it may seem, detoxing and embracing a healthier lifestyle is a similar sensation to this phenomenon. On the surface it may seem to many that this is a superficial effort, aimed at appearance and the praise of others. But true healing of the body is in full connection with healing of the soul. The same tolerance you may have had for wrongs done against you, you have for wrongs you have done against your own body. I may have had boils, and acne, and felt uncomfortable with my inflammation, but I accepted that. Wasn’t that just the way it was? Wasn’t medication the answer everyone went for? Why should I eat anything other than the food at the restaurants that were surrounding me? If the FDA approved something as safe, why wouldn’t it be?  Likewise, I pulled away and saw new truths. Anger arose in me about doctors that had endlessly prescribed antibiotics, or companies who had taken hundreds of dollars from me to seep chemicals into my body. Laying this aside, I have been able to heal, and am still healing both physically and spiritually every day.

Healing is real. You can always improve, not matter how desperately you feel dragged down by the devastation of the world. There is beauty in this world, and when you do your best to bring it out of yourself, that beauty will be called to you in return. Do not accept something just because it has been given to you. Do not despair that the world is ugly. You hold the power to reshape your own world. 

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