Friday, January 31, 2014

Changing Dreaming Into Planning

I am not sure exactly when I feel in love with the Southwest. I think I knew I was in love with New Mexico before I ever went to New Mexico. And after visiting a few times it became even stronger.

I can picture myself very happy to live in a remote section of that land, surrounded by countless acres of nature in a warm adobe structure. I am enchanted to think about earthships and turquoise jewelry. Painted tiles and dried chili peppers. And a sky so clear and of such a heavy blue that I could drink from it.

But living through East Coast winter after East Coast winter, full of shopping centers and traffic, will I just become lost in my dreaming? So many steps seem necessary to uproot an entire family, careers, education, mortgages... But what is worth sacrificing for a better quality of life? And how do I start?

The first hurdle for me is to change my mindset. I have been fantasizing over landscapes for a while. Now it is time to consider reality. To escape my own worries and doubts. To open myself to possibilities as they present themselves. Now is the time to change my dreams into plans.

And the embracing of change is a blessing.

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