Thursday, January 30, 2014

Nourishing the Body to Nourish the Soul

In counting daily blessings, we must first think about our daily activities. The first of those which comes to my mind is eating. I prepare food for 3 people, 3 times a day, every day. It can be a lot of work and takes a quite a bit of time out of my schedule. In the past I have slipped into resorting to microwave soy meats or veggie burgers and fries at Burger King. It is easy, and understandable to do, but it robs us and others of joy. Sitting behind exhaust fumes at a drive-in while unhappy workers argue with each other to supply you with food that could contain, well ANYTHING, leaves us understandably depressed.

 Raw Taco Salad with Walnut "Meat" and Almond "Sour Cream"

What we put in our bodies is part of a sacred cycle. Our food should not come from factories and laboratories and machines, but from the earth. If you cannot pronounce an ingredient and do not know what it is, why would you put that in your body or into your loved ones?

It takes more time to make everything from scratch, from vegetables and fruits, or nuts and grains, but you are able to explore and create. Every recipe is a new invention. You are in control of your body, your budget, and the part you play in an enormous system. Food can be freedom, and this is a gift.

Raw Persimmon Apple Pie with Coconut Butter Drizzle

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