Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Jackson's Honest Product Review

Have you ever tried to do something that was a trivial part of your daily routine and instead been jolted from your mundane, hypnotized state to see what is really important? Well, that just happened to me. So this blog entry is a potato chip review, but it is also a blog entry about why I am crying while writing a potato chip review.

Firstly, I should start with the products themselves. Jackson's Honest chips are delicious. They are made with a few, simple ingredients, but more importantly they are made with the best ingredients. I appreciate that the company has options of heirloom potatoes, sweet potatoes, and non-GMO corn. I also appreciate that they use sea salt, instead of refined table salt. But I am fully won over by the use of coconut oil. Countless studies show that coconut oil is the only plant-based oil that our body can properly digest after being cooked. Coconut oil is also beneficial for brain-functioning. Aside from that coconut oil tastes better as well, which is an enormous bonus! Jackson's Honest chips are crisp with an almost creamy texture and salted just enough to bring out the natural taste of the potato. Other companies use vegetable and canola oil for one reason only- they are cheap! In order to make their chips using coconut oil, and to keep the molecular structure of their MCTs, Jackson's Honest chips are cooked at lower temperatures for a longer amount of time than your average big brand potato chip. Jackson's Honest products care about quality, and it shows.

So, why would a good tasting chip bring me to tears? I did my homework and read up on the company. Jackson's Honest company is family-run and named after a son, Jackson. Jackson had struggled with health issues, about which you can read more here. Upon adjusting his diet the family was able to relieve some of his pain. I myself have a child, Sydney, who suffers from neurological weaknesses. It has been an ongoing struggle in our family, but it has also been one that we are able to improve upon by being watchful of his diet. When we are not careful with his diet, and he is allowed to eat "normal" food from the Standard American Diet, the results are immediate and alarming. One food which Sydney ate a lot of as a toddler was Doritos, which had terrible impacts on his health. I am relieved that he can still have the option of eating chips now, without losing the ability to hold his head up straight afterwords. I worry about the world sometimes, when the shelves in the grocery store are stocked with waste products parading themselves as actual food. I have two options though- I could complacently sit by and silently fume about bad corporations, or I could actively seek out and support companies that are making good choices and products. I choose the latter.

Sydney staking his claim on my chips!

I am grateful for companies like Jackson's Honest chips - for their simple, pure products which don't sacrifice health for profit. I will happily continue to buy from them, as I am supporting a good family and investing in the well-being of my own family. The company has also started Jackson's Honest Charitable Foundation to help educate people about balanced diet and nutrition.

Of course, it wouldn't be a fair review if I didn't mention the downside of a product, which is this- I can't stop eating them! I could easily eat an entire large bag in one sitting if I wasn't interrupted. Luckily, both Sydney and my husband feel the same way and the three of us can devour an entire bag together.

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