Friday, April 18, 2014

Portrait of a Detox

The first time I heard of people detoxing, and it wasn't from quitting heroin (I did live in Baltimore a very long time), I didn't get it. Detoxing from what? What could be such a big deal that stopping it would really take any visible toll on someone's body?

Fast forward ten years, and here I am. No alcohol. No cigarettes. No dairy. No chemicals. No processed sugar. No over-processed soy. Less gluten. Hardly any coffee. No hair dye. Minimal make-up. No artificial scents. No allergy medication or medicated skin cream. Fewer synthetic fabrics. What have I learned from it all? There are build-ups in my body that have desperately been trying to leave. Don't believe it? Let me guide you from some of my before and after.

Firstly, let me state that this is not about getting some super skinny, bikini-ready body. This is not about starving myself. In fact, I feel more full than ever incorporating tons of raw fruits and veggies into my diet. You know when you eat at Burger King or Taco Bell and are hungry 5 minutes later? Well, that is because your body is craving nutrients, which you aren't getting with fast food. Before my detoxification process I had cystic acne. This doesn't come from not washing your face, although several ignorant people thought so. I could wash my face 14 times a day and it wouldn't help, because the issue was much deeper and came from inside my body, not on the surface. The cystic acne did not only appear on my face, but around my bikini line, along my upper thighs, and in the form of boils in my armpit. I consulted my doctor on the boils, as I was getting them so severely that I would get prescribed antibiotics every few months and twice had to have them surgically lanced. The doctor claimed it was because I was using a dirty razor to shave my armpits, but I continued to get boils even when I switched razors every two days. I also had severe abdominal cramping, which would leave me hunched over in crippling pain at the end of a work day. I became puffy under my chin and at the sides of my jawline.

Was I eating deep-fried bacon everyday? No, I have been vegetarian since I was 8. So then wasn't I already healthy? I was consuming exactly what the average American in their twenties did, that was all. That means, I drank a lot of alcohol. I ate a lot of bread and cheese. I ate processed fake soy "meat" products. I dyed my hair until it was dry and brittle and the roots were an oily greasy mess. All of this was having a terrible impact on my lymphatic system.

If you notice in the diagram above, many of my problem areas of cystic drainage (armpits, bikini zone, sides of the neck) are directly connected to the lymphatic system. Now that I have made these changes I will go through periods of clear skin, healthy hair, and have had no abdominal cramping or boils. But about once a month I am still experiencing drainage. Not in the same way of build-up overflow oozing out, but fluid which has been deep inside my body for a long time, trying to expel itself.

This has been a struggle and a journey. I haven't seen much written by women about going through the detoxing process personally, so I thought my experiences might help others feel that they are on the right path, even if it isn't easy. Overall I feel much healthier and I know I am only going to improve and eliminate the outside vices that have plagued my body. And I will do this with a stomach full of all of the best nature has to provide.

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